7 rules to excel at Exploding Kittens

Sam Decrock
5 min readAug 11, 2015

Or how not to explode the first time

Last Monday my colleague @RobbyWauters received his game of Exploding Kittens - the Kickstarter project from Xbox legend Elan Lee, famous illustrator of The Oatmeal and Shane Small. The initial backing target was $ 10K and they reached an amazing $ 8M.

The Exploding Kittens experience started when the delivery note personally addressed Robby and our office street (Gaston Crommenlaan). The unboxing happiness continued when the box meowed upon opening… So hilarious! So cute!

Not a day has passed without at least 3 games! It’s that addictive. It’s like UNO but with more kittens. And more (N)SFW jokes.

We’ve been keeping a leader board and for some reason I seem to be at the top. So here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned in the past few days:

Rule 1 — Grab as many cards as you can

As long as you have a Defuse card, grab as many cards as you can. Don’t play any card unless you really have to. The more cards you have, the more options you’ll have when things get hot. The more cards you have, the smaller the chance an important card will get stolen from you. The more cards you draw, the more chance you’ll have at drawing an extra defuse card. Which in turn will give you extra confidence in grabbing even more cards.

Rule 2 — Don’t look into the future if you can’t change it

See The Future — Discover a boob wizard living in your boobs. Listen to the secrets he tells

A See The Future card lets you see the top 3 cards of the draw pile. If you don’t have a Skip, Attack or Shuffle card, there’s no point in looking at the top 3 cards. At the end of a turn, one must always take a card from the draw pile. So unless you can actually change the future, don’t look a it. You’ll waste cards.

Rule 3 — Don’t…



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